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In a fast-paced world, where everybody is running a race, with an aim of achieving fame and glory and in the process you leave yourself behind. It's important to move forward, but it's even more important not to leave yourself behind.

Youboo doesn't want to change you. Youboo wants you to stay in trend, stay in style, but be the trend naturally. Youboo wants to make you Believe in the Tradition of natural handpicked products that we deliver at your doorstep. Youboo wants to protect our Tradition and Culture. Embrace it. Youboo gives you the best natural products at affordable prices.

Youboo is your shopping destination, guide, coach and what not in leading a healthy, natural and a better lifestyle.

Youboo is the marketplace for everyone who believes in quality over quantity. This is the place for those who are sick and tired of seeing the same old slogans and attractive discounts, but yet not up-to the mark products.

With over 350 products sourced from various manufacturers, we satisfy every “consumer”, customer.

Here at Youboo, you’ll also find amazing free content in our Soulful Connect page covering 10 major catagories. Read our Soulful Connect and help yourself connect with your loved ones and live fully in the moment. So, take inspiration and just dive in and start exploring our Soulful Connect.

Why Youboo?

We supply customized qualitative products in both B2B and B2C. Youboo offers you a range of products that are unique, unfound but yet common and most importantly in the modern world never out of trend. Youboo believes in the process of success than just the fact of reaching glory. As always, enjoy reading our Soulful Connect Blogs and Youboo believes that Nothing has utility by itself. It is of value when it serves others.

Our Mission

Youboo aims at providing unique, unfound yet trendy products at affordable prices in both B2B and B2C. Youboo wants to build the people's portal wherein it is Organic, Ecofriendly, Natural and also has a soulful connect with destinations. We take pride in connecting with you passionate consumers and bring you soulful products at your doorstep. All this at one place? Yes. Get it all at the people's portal - Your Gateway. Youboo.in.

Follow the mantra One Small Step.

Our Vision

Educate you and helps you consumers in believing that Tradition with Technology is the future longstanding trend. Trust in us and join along with us in our journey to be the ultimate one-stop destination for all your needs.

Meet the Founders of Youboo

A Mom and Son presenting the story of Youboo to the world.

About the man behind the idea

The man goes by the name of G. Varun, 18, known as a student amongst his peers and an aspiring entrepreneur. An ambitious young man willing to take up the responsibility and working his time off in making Youboo - the People's Gateway. He is known for his love for fitness, travel, riding and like any other teenager his love for music. He has a never say never attitude and never stops improvising and providing the best to the people. A man who idolises Steve Jobbs, believes and lives by the saying "if the opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

About the lady behind the execution

Mini Gokul, a 41 - year old wife and mother who has over 20 years of work experience across different fields including general management of mid to large size Organizations, Corporate development, Product development, Business operations, Customer service, Marketing and Strategy. Now, she is the Director of her own Company. A seasoned campaigner who believes in providing quality over quantity. She's highly passionate about Yoga and naturopathy and this has also led her to complete her masters in Yoga and Naturopathy. A Wellness Consultant, wherein she inspires people to transform through experience and believes in “ A small step in the right direction is a big step away from the wrong direction”

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