1. Is it necessary to have a Youboo.in account to shop on the site?-

Yes, it is necessary. Shopping with an account gives you convenience and better results. Only after the registration is done can the purchase be made.

2. Does Youboo.in ship internationally?+

Currently, we are shipping only within the domestic territory, India.

3. What does 'out of stock' mean?+

It means that the product is not available with the sellers at the moment but you will get a notification as soon as the product is back in stock again.

4. How many pin codes does youboo.in cover and what would be the average delivery time of all products?+

Our logistics partners are FedEx & DTDC. Youboo.in covers the Prime 12000 pin codes in India and the average delivery time for all the products would be 5-7 days max.

5. What is the registration process and do I need to pay for registration?+

In your registration profile, you would be providing your address, email-ID and your phone number along with it if you are interested you can provide your birthday, your anniversary date, gender and age wherein you would be eligible for a coupon on both the occasions. So, more you trust us the more benefits you can reap from us. And of course you don’t need to pay for any registration whereas only the purchase requires payment.

6. I want to sell my products on youboo.in, whom do I get in touch with?+

Write to us @ info@youboo.in and contact us, we will assist you further.

7. What are the customer care working hours?+

Monday to Saturday - 10 am - 7pm

8. Will I get the shipping charges for a returned product?+

Yes you will, as the entire product and shipping cost would be borne by the seller.

9. I have ordered for the return of the product due to product/package defect, still the reverse pick-up has not yet been done. What should I do?+

If you happen to receive a defective product, you can raise a returns and replacement query by sending an email to info@youboo.in within 24 hours from the date of delivery. Be sure to attach an image of the item received so we can evaluate its condition. Reverse pick up process generally takes 2-3 business days but just in case our courier partner has not contacted you, feel free to contact us from Monday to Saturday anytime between 10 a.m to 7.00 p.m. We would resolve the issue at the earliest. Also, please ensure the product is unused and in its original condition.

10. Can the product return be initiated from a different pick up location?+

No, the reverse pick up can be initiated only from the shipping address provided while placing the particular order and no other alternate location would be eligible for a reverse pick up facility.

11. Why do I receive a different product other than what I had ordered?+

Youboo.in apologises for your inconvenience, the product’s image must be sent to us in whatsapp /mail quoting the order details and we shall ship you the ordered product.

12. While placing an order, what should I do if a particular pin code is not serviceable?+

Not to worry. We do have tie ups with offline courier partners. You would be receiving a message and post that you can place your order and we would deliver it at the earliest.

13. What would be delivery charges and delivery duration in non- serviceable pin codes?+

The delivery charges would vary according to the location and also the product would be delivered within 5-7 business days.

14. What should I do if I need to buy in bulk?+

Any purchase that is being made above the quantity provided in the B2C platform is to be considered as a wholesale requirement. Please write to us @ info@youboo.in or contact us with your product requirement.

15. Can I exchange my order?+

No, you won’t be able to exchange your order. Please cross-verify your order requirements prior to order confirmation to avoid such instances.

16. Why is tax being charged?+

Tax is levied on the sale of any commodity which is nationwide and also which here represents Goods and service tax (GST). This tax is collected and deposited by Youboo.in to the relevant Government authorities.

17. What should I do to advertise in Youboo.in?+

Please contact us, we shall evaluate your requirements and then surely get back to you at the earliest.

18. What should I do if I have to write content in Soulfully yours...youboo.in?+

Please feel free to write to us at info@youboo.in and also contact us. We shall be delighted to welcome good content.

19. How do I personify the images & representations of Products/Services?+

Product images are indicative in nature. Actual Product may differ from the image. Please refer the product specifications which explains clearly about the product.

20. Is my personal information secure at Youboo.in?+

Please be rest assured that your information is secure with us. Please do refer to Privacy policy for further information.

21. Do you provide warranty/guarantee for merchandise?+

All products are authentic and sourced directly from vendors/brands. If manufacture provides warranty/guarantee for product then it is mentioned specifically.

22. How does the Order Processing works?+

Once you successfully complete your checkout after payment confirmation, our backend system sends an order confirmation email to you, besides notifying us.

After a quick check on the order items, fulfillment centre at corresponding places prepares the package for shipment through our Logistics Partners for delivery at your door-step.