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Black Salt

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Indian black salt, also known as kala namak or sanchal, is a type of Indian volcanic rock salt. The “black” salt is actually pinkish-grey due to the presence of iron and other minerals. Indian black salt has a very distinctive sulfurous taste, often compared to hard-boiled egg yolks. Its health benefits are numerous according to ayurvedic medicine.

Is considered a cooling spice in Ayurveda and is used as a laxative and digestive aid. It is therapeutic in nature. Used as a remedy for poor eyesight and hysteria.

Black salt tends to have less sodium than table salt so it can be helpful to people with high blood pressure and/or on low-salt diets.

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  • To relieve flatulence and heartburn.
  • Indian black salt is used extensively on Indian food, including chutneys, yogurts, pickles, salads and all kinds of fruits.
  • Vegan love the taste since it mimics the taste of eggs in tofu and other vegetarian dishes. 
  • During the hot Indian summer months, it’s also sometimes used to flavor cool drinks, which is a practical way to replace sodium lost through excessive perspiration.
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