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Kapok Buds(Marathi Muggu)

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Though we use certain spices on a regular basis, there are several others which are not used much but are equally useful and a must in your kitchen cabinet.

Marathi moggu is the unopened flower bud of the Red Silk Cotton tree. With an appearance similar to clove, this dark brown spice is used in the famous bisi bele baath and saagu. In order to release its full flavour, it is fried in oil.

Marathi Moggu is a spice used in South Indian cooking to enhance the flavor & fragrance. Usually fried in Oil/Ghee similar to mustard.

Fresh and nicely packed buy the eseential spice Marathi Moggu from Youboo.


  • Is used in specialist Indian cuisine, such as Bisi Bele Bhath, Biriyani etc.,
  • Flavoring spice

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