South Indian Traditional Halwa | Muscoth Halwa

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Muscoth Halwa

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SJ Muscoth Halwa: "The Original Taste from the Recipe Founder's Factory"

Traditional sweet preparation and the best in taste from South India. These sweets are made using Coconut Milk, Wheat flour, standard milk items, pure ghee and allied raw materials with high quality and taste. High standard and hygienic quality is adhered during manufacturing & packing.

Purchase from Youboo Muscoth Halwa for the mouthwatering taste.

Shelf life of Halwa: Should be stored in air tight containers and has a shelf life of 25 - 30 days in room temperature and when refrigerated or in chill condition can be consumed upto 6 months.

  • Muscoth Halwa was found decades ago in SriLanka. It became the favorite sweet of the citizens of SriLanka. Research was done by Mr.Joseph the founder of SJ sweets to better the taste and to launch it in South India as a pioneer. Muscoth Halwa is seated in a very hot pan before it is sent for your pick. We suggest it be preserved in a refrigerator, this helps to gain a longer shelf life and yields an amazing chilled taste. It turns hard in the fridge, you can make thin slices for serving. If you want it soft, heat it in a microwave oven and then feed the taste buds. If you want a healthy life, use coconut products.  
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Very Good Siddheswaran .A , 10-Mar-2018

The packing was below par but compromised with the delicious tirunelveli halwa

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