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Multipurpose Combo

(Eucalyptus Spray 30ml+Tissue 10 pack)

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Soothing Organic Wet wipes & Tissues containing natural Eucalyptus to give an aroma of the Nilgiri hill which also has anti-bacterial and fungal properties.  Natural tissues which can be used to wipe your face and rejuvenates you instantly.  Just wipe your face at regular interval to keep your face refreshed, hydrated and moisturized rightly.

A unique organic product free of chemicals and suitable for keeping it handy in your gym, car and your pouch for daily use.  It also is very essential to carry when you are travelling.  Made in the most natural and herbal manner.  This pack of 10 is a very good buy for those who want to make a change in their lifestyle.

Multipurpose Eucalyptus Spray:Can be used to prevent germs and Bacteria, Itchy Skin, Cold And flu, Dust Mites, Insects Bites, Room freshener, Spots And stains.  It cleans, soothes, freshens.

The multipurpose spray spares you chemical exposure, as its non-toxin, eco friendly and key ingredients are Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil and Lavender Oil.

So Many uses:

First Aid:  Helps relieve itchy skin, soothes athletes foot.

Colds and Flu: Spray into room several times per day, especially during cold and flu season since it eradicates bacteria.

Dust Mites: Eucalyptus oil is known to help control dust mites, which will help with asthma and other allergies.

Insect Bites:  Spray site. Do not rub.  Repeat as required.

Room Freshener:  Best room freshener since it freshens and deodorises by killing bacteria that causes odours.  

(Eucalyptus Spray 30ml+Tissue 10 pack)


  • Soothing Organic Wet Wipes: Application : Inhale aromatic vapors to decongest stuff sinuses, Rub on sore muscle to ease pain and stiffness, Place in steam room or hot shower for aromatic Eucalyptus Mist. Regular use will help in eradicating cold and nasal congestion's, keeping you fresh and rejuvenated at all times.
  • Application: A multi usage spray which can be kept in the Bathroom, Kitchen, First Aid Kit, Laundry, Pet and breeding area, Office and Garage.
  • Multipurpose Eucalyptus Spray: Application: A multi usage spray which can be kept in the Bathroom, Kitchen, First Aid Kit, Laundry, Pet and breeding area, Office and Garage.
  • Natural Oils of Eucalyptus and Lavender
  • Chemical free
  • Must purchase in every house-hold for a eco-friendly and non-toxic living
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