10 benefits of muskmelon and its recipe

10 benefits of muskmelon and its recipe

Muskmelon is one of the tastiest fruits among the fruit varieties. It is sweet and at the same time it has a lot of benefits. The amazing benefits of Muskmelon are it helps in boosting your immunity, keeps one's blood pressure in check and also helps the body remove unnecessary fats. It also helps your reduce your hypertension. Just like carrots, it also helps you in enhancing your vision. Also, it makes your skin glow. Hence the benefits of this fruit are umpteen and now let's see how to make this fruit.


1. Muskmelon
2. Jaggery
3. Milk
4. Water
5. Milk cream

Method of preparation:

1. You can either grind the fruit with the seed or you can also grind it without the seed. Either way is fine. Then chop it into small pieces. After chopping into small pieces, add the pieces to the mixer jar and grind it.

2. Grind it well for some time and whole grinding, it is an individual choice on whether you have to add milk or water. Milk is preferred as it would give a rich taste to the juice.

3. It is also optional to add milk cream to the mix so that it would enhance the taste of the juice. If needed, you can also add a cup of ice-cream to the mix. It is best consumed when cold.

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