7 benefits of Gooseberry juice and its recipe

7 benefits of Gooseberry juice and its recipe

Gooseberry juice is one of the juices which has high protein and also has a lot of health benefits ranging from being a perfect antioxidant to also helping the human body in increasing the resistance power. Gooseberry also has a lot of benefits to the hair as it helps in preventing hair fall and also prevents in grey hair.


1. 2 gooseberries
2. Pinch of ginger
3. Coriander leaves (few)  
4. Curry leaves
5. Salt to taste.
6. Optional one piece of green chilli deseeded.
7. Water

Method of preparation:

1. Firstly,  a point to note is that immediately as you buy the gooseberry from the shop make sure you soak it in a jar filled with water and rock salt. This would ensure the gooseberry is seasoned naturally.

2. Now take a pinch of ginger, coriander leaves and curry leaves. Chop them into very minute pieces so that it can grind well when mashed in a jar. It is also optional to take a deseeded green chilli.

3. Now, take a few gooseberries and chop them into tiny pieces to make sure that they grind well when mashed. Now take all the ingredients and place it in a jar, mash it really well.

4. Add very little salt to the mix as you have already soaked the fruit in rock salt. Now add sufficient water to the mix so that it ensures that there are no lumps in the juice.

5. Stir well and consume it before breakfast. If needed, one can also refrigerate the juice for better taste.

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