A soup with health benefits

A soup with health benefits

This is kind of a soup where it is called as kashayam in Kerala. This soup can be the ideal remedy to colds, fever and many more of such illness that is present. In a world where we turn to antibiotics for even a small headache, we often tend to forget some of the great home remedies that our available at our disposal. These kind of soups are ideal to cure common colds, rough throats and many more. More than acting as a remedy, it also supports the body by raising it's immunity system so that one can have a higher resistance power when compared to another. This homemade medicine is very easy to prepare as all you need is the basic items along with some herbs which would help you better your health condition.

1. Dry ginger - 1 piece
2. Chitirai  - 1 piece
3. Nilavembu root - 1 piece
4. Pepper - 1 tsp
5. Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
6. 3-4 leaves karpooravalli fresh and clean 7. 4-5 leaves of tulsi
8. Omam powder - a pinch
9. black cumin seeds - a pinch
10. Hot water - 1 1/2 glass
11. Jaggery (optional)

Method of preparation:

Take 1 1/2 glass of water and heat it in high flame along with all the ingredients mentioned above. When you heat it with all the ingredients mentioned above, the water would evaporate and reduce to 1 glass. Now separate the water from the ingredients and drink it hot. If you find the soup to be too warm, then do not hesitate to add a few spoons of jaggery to the mix. The ingredients can be taken out separately and kept aside and can be used once more before throwing it.

You wouldn't need to use the ingredients rather you would be absorbing all the properties of the ingredients which would help better your health.

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