Avarampoo water

Avarampoo water

It is one of those beverages where it is a drink that acts as a perfect prevention to the body for various diseases. It helps to cool down the body and it prevents diabetes, also cures diabetes. It is also said it is very good for the skin and it helps in the glowing. It is also recommended to be had in empty stomach to obtain all of its properties.


1. 1 ½ glass water
2. ½ spoon of flowers

Method of preparation:

1. Take ½ spoon of dried flowers which and add it along with 1 ½ glasses of water. Add the water to the flowers and allow it boil in high flame for about few minutes. The 1 ½ glasses of water would automatically shrink to 1 glass due to the heat.

At the same time, if needed you can jaggery to the mix as the beverage would be very bitter to consume. Now, strain it and consume the drink.

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