Proved!!! ABC juice - a juice with magic

Proved!!! ABC juice - a juice with magic

ABC juice is a popular juice in small juice shops; it is the short form of the apple, beetroot and carrot. A combination of these 3 fruits and their juice together is known as ABC juice. It is one of the healthiest juices and at the same time, is very high in protein. It is best eaten in the morning before breakfast as it acts as an energy source throughout the day.


1. Apple
2. Beetroot
3. Carrot
4. Water
5. Ginger
6. Jaggery powder (optional)

Method of preparation:

1. Cut all the 3 fruits (apple beetroot and carrot) in equal ratio and keep it aside. While chopping the fruits make sure you chop it into very small pieces. Put all the fruits into a mixer jar and grind it well.

2. Once taken out, add the sufficient amount of water and then grind it once more. This would ensure that there are no lumps in the juice and it is ready to drink. While grinding, remember to add a pinch of ginger to the mix as it enhances the health benefits of the drink.

3. If needed, you can also add a few spoons of scrapped jaggery so that you can make the juice a little sweeter rather than bitter. Don't add sugar to the mix as it removes the key properties of the fruit.

4. If needed, you can refrigerate the drink before consumption. Always best to be consumed before breakfast.

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