The history and process of Tea-making

CTC known as cut, tear and curl or crush tear and curl. In most places in the country, tea isn't a beverage instead it's a culture and they consume as a refreshment in the morning post their wake up and also as snacks/break-time around 11 a.m in the morning along with some biscuits and the same at evening around 4. Pm. This is actually light on the body and can be consumed more than once a day.

If you ask a vivid and an ardent tea drinker, he would probably say the real essence of drinking tea is avoid milk and just add a tinge of sugar in it and consume it to relish the essence of black tea leaf. Some people say there isn't much to tea without milk but what the truth is once you start having without milk, you will convince others not to add milk or to lessen the quantity of milk.

Food habits are something which takes a bit of time to adapt to your system & when you are ready to try out something new and follow it consistently, it becomes a habit.


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