What’s so special about tea in India?

India is the 2nd largest tea producing Country in the world, behind China, with over half of the country’s states engaged in the tea producing industry, it’s quite safe to say that India is a tea loving country. Right from the down south, in hills of niligiris in Tamil Nadu or Munnar in Kerala and all the way up to Himachal Pradesh. So living in a tea-frantic country like India where tea is considered as the go-to beverage in many parts of India or I dare to say even throughout India. Popularly known in India as chai, it’s a beverage that energizes anyone from any walk of life. In India there are numerous daily wage workers who thrive on their cup of tea to give them the refreshment they need to carry their day forward. The tea producing hub of south India is from niligiris. Some of best tea brands that sell all over the world are from the hills of niligiris. A lot of people have often said that a tea in the morning starts their day. Especially the middle aged group of India prefers more of tea than the younger age group. In India, majority of coffee is consumed by the youth and very few is consumed by the middle aged and above age group. So when we come to India, and you go to any part of the country, you would find the specialty and the rich heritage of tea and also India has a very rich history dating back to medieval period in tea.

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