Which is more popular in India? Tea Vs Coffee?

India is essentially known for its tea cultivation almost across 15 states in the country whereas coffee is produced solely by just three states in South India. This goes to show that by nature we are a tea-producing and tea drinking country. But you would be surprised to hear the fact that it’s now becoming equal. Tea, which was the main beverage from the medieval period, is now losing its charm that it once possessed. Hmm, but why is that? The youth. The Indian youth prefers more of coffee than tea, with all the new flavours and branded cafe shops in major parts of the city, coffee is now becoming a daily consumption habit of the young brigade in the country. Many youngsters, for some reason do not prefer tea. They have a cup of tea if there’s no chance that they can get their coffee. Now is this good or bad? Well, firstly caffeine is bad as it has numerous side effects. Secondly, the biggest drawback is we as India, is not a coffee producing country. First one is a valid reason but in the current day and age rather than looking at what’s good or bad, it’s more wiser to look which is “LESS” bad.. So have a think about it. Coffee is tremendous to drink. It keeps you awake at night (when you need it the most) but make sure you have an even balance of both coffee and tea. By nature, always India would be called as a tea-rich country because literally more than half of our states in our country produce tea. Even though the number of tea consumers is still more than coffee, it’s safe to say that coffee is now slowly becoming a beverage that’s overthrowing tea.

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