why is coffee preferred over tea?


Now why is it in the current day and age, Coffee is more popular among youngsters than tea? One of the main reasons is that coffee is more strong than tea and it gives a much needed morning jolt than most people need once they wake up. Most of the people who wake up quite early to hit the gym, this is quite an important drink for them as they need to get their energy through their strong coffee in the morning.  No wonder people say, Coffee kills your sleep at night. On the other hand,  tea is more mild and of course way more healthier than coffee. But then, there's one thing where coffee is better at than tea. Do you know that over 60% of the tea drinkers drink only black tea. Since this is the case, do you know that black tea spoils your teeth and adds more stain to your teeth than coffee as there more tannins in tea than coffee. Coffee is bad because of the excessive amount of caffeine added to coffee but even coffee has a few benefits to the health, maybe not as much as tea but still does produce some health benefits.
Beneficial of Coffee...
For most people, coffee can be a healthy part of the diet. It is fine to enjoy a couple of cups a day unless you can’t control your consumption. However, coffee may not be beneficial for everyone. Those with certain heart conditions, caffeine sensitivity, and woman who are pregnant should stick to tea. Also, those that drink coffee in excess may be negating some of the benefits because of the large amounts of caffeine they are consuming.  These people may benefit from a caffeine detox to reset their caffeine tolerance to more moderate levels.  The key is moderation, which is typically 2-3 cups a day, to get the coffee health benefits.

Yes, the health benefits of coffee are real—research shows it can ward off cancer, Alzheimer's, and other life-threatening conditions.

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